Saturday, March 27, 2010

Workboxes 2

Hello again : ) Yes, It's been a while (as expected) but here it is. Another entry.

So it's been 9 weeks on the workbox system and Oh how I love it!!! The kids are ready for Easter break, but still going very well on this. Even asking me why I don't fill up more boxes!! Grateful, grateful me.

So after a few weeks of filling up the boxes in the evening I decided to try and get stuff ready for a week in advance. So I needed a box, but not just a box, one in which I could put suspension files. Did not have one so I used a laptop box (my husband is in IT), made four holes in the top and pushed tent pegs through to hang the files on. Viola! I will still cover the box. But now I have a place to put all my resources / plan for the week. Manipulatives and games we use that don't fit in the box are in a plastic box next to it or on the games shelf. I'm rather pleased with my effort (plus did not have to pay the NZ$25 for it from the shops). : )


Blossom said...

THAT is great! I love the file box. Lol now I'm looking around at what boxes I have. This might even save me space! I have a two drawer filing cabinet that ahem, never gets used (the drawers stick and make a horrid squeak when we try to open better to leave them closed lol).

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

This is more how we do it now. I just set ours up for what I expect to be in them next year. Love It!