Sunday, April 11, 2010

TOS Review: Expedition Australia

I was given the opportunity to review this homeschool product from The Old Schoolhouse ® and Amanda Bennett. I was provided with a free copy of this e-book for review purposes.

Expedition Australia, is a 103 page e-book from The Old Schoolhouse® and Amanda Bennett, priced at US$7.95. It is an amazing treasure chest of information on Australia. At the end of this 5-day unit study you will have a lapbook and a notebook on Australia.

The study is geared towards children in grades K – 4.

I love lapbooks and have used a study written by Amanda Bennett before so was very excited about receiving Expedition Australia. I was not disappointed!

This e-book is true to its name: Download N Go! All you need to do is to print out the pages to be used – no other preparation / research needed. It provides you with a list of good books for further study as well as links to amazing websites.

This 5-day study has a specific focus for each day. There is a study of a specific Geographic feature of Australia for every day as well as a native animal. Other daily features are beautifully illustrated Australian poems, looking at the distance between your town and a given town in Australia, a Bible verse and looking at the temperature and time in your own town and a given town in Australia. Other lessons include regions of Australia, a bit of Australian history, the Australian Flag and National Anthem and looking at the boomerang and also constellations in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first day was also a great recap on the 7 continents that we’ve learned about in the beginning of term. The kids enjoyed the fact that they already knew that!

What we all enjoyed about this study is how Amanda linked to video’s, photographs, maps and other amazing interactive websites. It kept it interesting – a complete all senses learning unit!

This has definitely expanded my horizons in how to prepare other unit studies and how to present something to the kids in a fresh way.

Some of the activities were a bit young for my kids so we just skipped those. What I found great about this is that there are plenty resources to choose from.

I highly recommend this product which is part of the Download N Go series. Other topics in this series include: Winter Wonders, Amelia Earhart, Ben Franklin and Sea Shells among others.

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