Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well What a Wonder!!

I had my first official 'internet meeting' yesterday morning (Saturday, 17 July) at 8am. It was Friday, 16 July @ 4pm EST. I still after years of internet accessibility marvel at the fact that I could sit in my dining room and have a meeting with several people on the other side of the world!!

Still amazed.... (yeah, I'm easy to please ;* )


April said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I too mavel at technology. I teach online and love the fact I can attend a meeting in my PJ's. :-) One day, they'll make me use my web cam, then I'll be bummed to have to actually do my hair and wear a nice shirt. lol

Walking the blog walk...


Elizabeth said...

:-) That's so funny!! Oh I can just picture it : )