Friday, August 6, 2010

I love homeschooling and I love my homeschool group!!

OK so I am in bed at 2pm. It's so not the usual thing but I do have a bad cold. Went to our homeschool group this morning. I felt miserable before we left but the kids had their first ice skating lesson and it was not to be missed. They had a blast!! 3 of the mums were on the ice too! I got tired just making the bed this morning so decided to give getting on the ice a miss - well for this week. Watch me next week!! or no, don't... unless you feel like a laugh! Haven't skated in 20 years!!! Wouldn't that be something to see. Anyway, so then we went off to a nearby church where one of the mums teaches the kids to play the ukelele. I obvioulsy looked as bad as I felt so a friend sent me home and said she'd drop my kids off after gym.

Now I have time to ponder things as I sit in bed, Macbook on lap... : )

I love that we homeschool. I love that the kids have the opportunity to learn amazing things from amazing people. I love our homeschool group and our 'gym friends' as my kids call the children in our group. I love the mums in my group - they are dear women who love God, who love their families and who care for others. Jesus in action!


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