Thursday, September 30, 2010


So yesterday (29/09) was my birthday.....and I had THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!! 

It all started last week with a card from a friend on Thursday, then Saturday night my DH and I and some friends went to see Verdi's 'MacBeth'. Monday I got an early pressie from a dear friend. My DD brought me breakfast in bed yesterday morning and that was followed by a lot of good wishes through phone calls, txts, skype calls, e-mails and messages on fb. The day progress and became even more lovely ... the morning was with my family, I opened plenty DH and DD baked me a MOST DELICIOUS chocolate cake... yum...wonder if there's any left over. I then had coffee with a friend at Albany Mall and she bought me some clothes! Just got home and then I had to get ready to go out to dinner to an Italian Restaurant..... oh man... did I say I HAD THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!! 

..... now, bring on 40!! he he he....


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Marie said...

Happy late Bday! My day will be this Saturday...looking forward to it!
I tagged you in a post today :-)