Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Recital

Three Musicians, Pablo Picasso

In a previous post I said how much I love my homeschool group. Well, on Saturday that fact was again firmly cemented in my heart.

Our group had our yearly music recital on Saturday afternoon (11 Sept). Now, music recitals have a lot to do with music... yah, I know you get that ;) but this was so much more than that....

Imagine the scene ... Big comfortable, inviting lounge. Nine families, mums, dads and kids sitting around, some on chairs, some on the floor. The age range is from as young as one all the way up to 80-ish. The smell of all the home baking brought by everyone wafting from the kitchen ... oh, yes and then there are some instruments around too : )

The atmosphere was great. Friends coming together to spend time with one another and enjoy the gifts God's blessed their children with. We came together and started around 3:30pm... our family had to leave by 8 but most of the families were still there... enjoying each others company. All the kids got on well. The older kids entertained some of the younger ones. Kids playing around ... interacting with one another as well as with the adults. That's one of those things I find great about homeschooling. The kids know how to communicate with people of all ages. 

The kids, who enjoy each other's company, were listening as the others performed their pieces. Applause followed. Some of the kids made a little mistake while playing but there was no ridiculing. Many of the kids performed more than one item and it made me think about what a 'safe' group this is for the kids that after making mistakes they can get up again and do something else. No one 'copped out' of what they set out to do, even though there were a few butterflies in some tummies.

We listened to talented musicians playing piano, trumpet, flute, clarinet, guitar, ukelele and singing. 26 items in total.

One of the ladies in our group taught the kids Ukelele for 6 weeks and they all performed as a group together. What a treat!

I love our homeschool group.... have I mentioned that?  


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