Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TOS Review - I See Cards - PYRAMATH

We all know about the Great Pyramids in Egypt and about Pyramid schemes to make money, but I'll tell you about another type of Pyramid ... It is Great like those of Egypt, and although it doesn't make you money you gain great learning in Math. It is called PYRAMATH.

Here's a definition:

"Pyramath is a one or two player game that uses math skills. The objective of the game is to complete a pyramid using math operations - multiplication, addition, subtraction and division."

This product retails for US$6.95 per deck of cards.

It contains 56 cards and one card explaining the one player game. The one and basic two-player game work on the same premise but in the two-player game each player creates his / her own pyramid from the same row of cards.

So, here is the two-player game illustrated by my two darlings.

The game is started with placing a row of 5-7 cards down on a flat surface (but of course you knew that!).

You then play a single card (from the main deck or your discard pile) on 2 side-by-side cards using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

For example:

For the numbers 8, 7 next to each other, you can play any one of the following:

      8 7          8 7          8 7                      
       1              5            6          

So your legal moves are:

8 - 7 = 1
8 + 7 = 15    (you play the units digit / ones in this case)
8 x 7 = 56    (play the units digit)

or for 5, 5 you can play:

      5 5          5 5          5 5
       0             1             5

5 - 5 = 0
5 / 5 = 1
5 x 5 = 25   (play the units digit only)

If you cannot play the card you picked up, you continue to pick up from the deck or your own discard pile until you can play.

And of course you continue until you reach the final 2 side-by-side cards.

Pyramath can also be played online HERE where you can play it against the clock. My kids really enjoy it and I must confess that I'm hooked on it too! And HERE is a blog dedicated to Pyramath with more information, puzzles etc.
That's not all though; 'I See Cards' have 3 other products that you can check out HERE: Prime Bomb (Prime Numbers), FracTazmic (You guessed it... Fractions)  (which you can also play online HERE) and I See Cards (Language learning and Basic Math).

Dr. Ron Eaglin is the mastermind behind these card games. He has created a website wiki for teachers to share how they use Pyramath in their classrooms. It can be found HERE.

The great news is that Dr. Eaglin and his team are working hard at coming up with new products so it's worth keeping and eye on the websites to make sure you know when another exciting game is available.

You can go HERE to download Dr. Ron's "Succeeding in Mathematics with Games" for free. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. This booklet contains many different games you can play with these cards. It is also available to purchase in hard copy HERE.

Our family enjoys playing this great card game. It travels with us to Piano, Ballet and all kinds of other outings. The kids enjoy taking turns playing against Mummy too. Because it's so much fun they don't mind all the brain work that goes into figuring out which card to play next... and they are getting quicker at working it out.

At times we play the speed game and other times (when we do multiplication for example) we work it out together. This great game has so many different ways you can use it. I am most definitely going to purchase Fractazmic and Prime Bomb. At US$6.95 / deck it is well worth the investment... you do the numbers.

If you think I'm exaggerating, see what my other Crew mates think about this product by going HERE.

Disclaimer: I was sent a free deck of the PYRAMATH card game from 'I See Cards' in exchange for my honest, personal opinion. I did not receive any other compensation.


alecat said...

Hi there!
Great review. I love how you've set out your example of play. Well done!! ☺

Marie said...

Great review! love the way you explain how to play. It was hard for me to 'get it' until I actually played...I'm very visual so reading instructions requires much effort ;-)
Mini-Crew Mate Marie :-)

Michelle Smith said...

Great review. Good job explaining how to play and great photos of your math practice victims (ahem, children!) ;)

Elizabeth said...

ha ha!! love it :) victims... now for my next experiment .... wah ha ha (evil laugh)