Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010-2011 Secondary Schoolhouse Planner

The Old Schoolhouse Store (c) has their new student planners out!! They are amazing.

The Student planners retails at US$9.95

I'm always on the lookout for that something to make life easier, more organised, less chaotic.... you get the picture. I received a copy of the planner a couple of weeks ago to review and needless to say I really like it.

So what's so amazing about this planner?

The planner came with a student pack as well as a parent pack.

The parent pack gives some advice on how to manage things around the house a bit easier, such as using sticky notes, creating stations or work boxes for specific subjects and my favourite idea is the 'pre-flight' checklist in the car - creating a checklist for ballet / piano... Check that you've got all the items in the car / bag BEFORE you pull off.  My daughter and I are making one for ballet as she has two different classes on one day.

The other part of the parent pack is "Sowing Servant Hearts".

Now to the student calendar.... over 200 pages of it!

Sounds scary? It does not need to be : )  The calendar is great in that you only print out the pages you need or want to use.

There are numerous lists and forms to help you with time management, planning and basic information.

The planner begins with an article on time management and one on writing. The time management article has step by step ideas in helping you and your student to plan well for the day. I'm going to get my daughter to tweak hers as I reorganise my plans too : )

The Planner has monthly Calendars from September '10 untill August 2011.

Some of the planner can be filled out on file and then printed out.

The forms is what we are finding really great. The weekly planning schedule gets done when I do mine for the following week. Although Lydia has kept close to my schedule I want to give her a little bit of flexibility and allow her to decide when she wants to do her subjects for the next week. We'll see how she goes.

I like the End-of-Year Evaluation Form in the calendar and will definitely use this at the end of this term (term 4 in NZ). I think that I'll give this to both the kids and I'll fill one out too. We can then compare notes and plan better for next year.

Other forms include reading, video and field trip logs. Nature journals, Lined pages for writing practice and many, many more. It has a place for writing down personal goals, family rules and important contact information.

The Calendar also contains lists of the Miracles, Parables and Time-line of Jesus, Writing prompts, Good books to read and basic Info on the 8 planets; PLUS a table to help with measurement conversions, which is helpful when living in NZ and using US recipes. ; )

We've enjoyed using this calendar so far and has so much more to get out of it.

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