Monday, October 11, 2010

I've been tagged.

My fellow TOS CrewMate, Marie from 'Our Best Daze' has tagged me in a fun meme. You are given 8 questions to answer and then you need to come up with 8 new questions to tag 8 others.

OK, here goes:

Here are the eight questions from Marie: (check out her answers HERE)

1. How did you decide to Homeschool? My neighbors homeschooled their kids and I marveled at their maturity, respect, confidence and love for learning. When it was time to enroll our first into school the school zones were changed and we could not get our daughter in our school of choice ... God slowly stirred a desire to homeschool in my heart and it snowballed from there.

2. What is something about you most people would be surprised to know? I used to be VERY SHY!!! Really!! No, Really!!!

3. What is your favorite praise and worship song? 'Oh to see the dawn' (aslo known as 'The Power of the Cross) by Stuart Townend.

4. If you had no children and homeschooling wasn’t necessary, what would your dream job be? As I said I used to be very shy, so my desire for public speaking (!!) is a God thing. I would be a full time preacher.

5. What book(s) are you currently reading? The Chronicle of Narnia and, Where Lions Roar at Night (written by Rosie Boom) admittedly I'm reading it to the kids ... Books I'm trying to read are" Growing great Girls" and 7 habits of highly effective people....

6. How has Jesus changed you? He's still working on me regarding patience, but He has increased my confidence and trust in Him. He has softened my heart... like from stone to jelly ....

7. How would you like to be remembered by your children? As someone who was 'real'. Hypocrisy and 'fake' are two things that really tick me, so I hope I will never be called any of those. I'd like to be remembered as someone who served God wholly, kept my word, respected life, honoured and served my family and opened my heart and home to others. I want to be remembered a fun mummy :)

8. How will your children likely remember you? I think I lack in the 'fun' department, but for the most part I think my kids will remember me as someone who loved God and loved people (even though she was a bit grumpy some time); someone who messed up some time but could admit that and apologized. Most assuredly they'd remember me as someone who LOVED chocolate. ;)

OK, so now I'm going to tag the next 8 people....

Now, I've tagged you because I've enjoyed reading your blogs. Please don't feel you have to take part in this if you don't want to. It's supposed to be a fun thing. If you do, please comment on this post with a link to your own.

Our Best Daze
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with the following questions....(with my own answers)...

1. Which is your favorite psalm? Ps 139

2. What do you want God to say to you at the end of your life? 'Well done, good and faithful servant'.

3. What would you like God NOT to ask of you? 'It used to be 'Go to the mission field'... now I'm not so sure. Although I think taking my kids to a 3rd world country would still be hard to do. Specially if it is really cold!!

4. Do you have an 'alter ego'? Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica.

5. Is there a movie that you would watch over and over again? and of course if yes, what is it? Sad to say I have several.... Dead Poet Society, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version), Prince of Egypt and now Avatar....

6. Who would you love to have met before they died? Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller's tutor).

7. What is your favorite thing to do by yourself? OK, so I now this is maybe a myth for most of us, but IF I had time by myself, I like to listen to worship music and write in my journal.

8. What is a favorite quote of yours? Helen Keller ~ "Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much".



SisterTipster said...

Thanks for tagging me!~ I'll get this up soon and tag others~ha!!'s fun getting to know everyone! Have a great day! blessings, ;-))

Vickie said...

Gret questions and answers. Thanks for tagging me. I'm having trouble coming up with original questions myself hehe

Marie said...

I answered the questions but I didn't tag anyone else. Thanks for the tag...some good questions there :-)

Debra said...

I finally posted mine!!

This was fun, now that I finally had a chunk of time in a row to think about it. :)