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TOS Review – DigitalFrog International

As part of 'The Old Schoolhouse' Crew we get some of the most amazing products to review. We receive these products for free in exchange for using and reviewing it, providing them with our honest opinion about it. 

When I saw Digital Frog I thought that being in NZ I wouldn't get a copy of it as it is a physical product rather than software or an e-book. I was thrilled though to spot my name on the list of crew members who were chosen to review this product and the very kind ladies at Digital Frog International shipped the DVD all the way from Canada! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

So you might think that Digital Frog sounds very much like a virtual pet and honestly how educational can that be???  BUT .... here in their own words is an explanation of WHAT DIGITAL FROG is... (drumroll please)...

What is Digital Frog anyway? We’re passionate creators of natural science software. We’re teachers of dissection and anatomy and ecosystems. We’re savers of frogs and inspirers of learners. We’re believers that you can’t care about a world you don’t understand. We’re Digital Frog International.”

As it is holiday time in NZ and our family is spending half of it looking after an emergency foster home with 6 busy kids we've unfortunately not been able to use this product to its full extent, HOWEVER, I am VERY keen to get back into it and continue where we've left off.

The Package:

I received one DVD / CD ROM with 3 digital field trips on it. This can be accessed from the disk or installed onto a Windows as well as Mac operating system.

The field trips are:

The Rainforest
The Wetlands
The Desert

Digital Field Trip.... no need to pack.... (unless you WANT TO), you don't need an umbrella... or mosquito repellant (now that I can live with!)
You can purchase these field trips separately or as an all-in-one product. (See pricing later on).

How wet did we get?

Because of time and the amount of information on the DVD we chose to focus on the Rainforest (and it seems we barely scratched the surface.....well, so to speak because you don't really want to scratch the surface else the disk wont work....)

Our opinion:

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Definitions a-plenty : Nearly every word you will read is well defined. Not only that, but some words even have a sound bite icon and you can hear how it’s pronounced.  

I G I T A L F R O G 

Informative: There is an abundant amount of information on each section. As you go through the field trip you find posts with various information about the plant and animal life in that region. Different concepts are explained in further detail. Animals are discussed in regard to life cycle, habitat, size, food source and where they are found. We have created mind maps around the animals we’ve encountered. Not only do you get what is on the field trip, but when you go into the file you will also find a pdf file with worksheets related to the specific field trip.
You can download a Printable topic summary of the topics that are being discussed in the field trips by following the following link:

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Graphics galore: The graphics on the CD are amazing. There are various pictures of the same animals from different angles. Different types of rainforests are explained with animation to go with it.

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Interesting! The information is all given in such a way that it’s not boring and neither does it ‘talk down’ to the child. Older kids would be able to read it by themselves, but even younger kids (early elementary) would enjoy this when Mum reads it to them. I found it amazing and enjoyed every minute of it.

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Time… flies when you’re having fun. It’s easy for an hour and a bit to fly by when we’ve gone through the next part of the rainforest. It is advisable to take it slow as there is so much amazing information in it.

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Affordable – These field trips can be bought separately at US$60 for a home license or all three at US$125. I think that for the amount of information that is available, the price is not steep. See the full price list for all the products.


Links page: The website has links to various resources related to the field trip series:

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Frogger Club, Frog Blog and FaceBook: you can join the Frogger club for free and get things like extra worksheet, crosswords and video clips. The club is still 'new' so I'm sure that this will expand. Apart from the club, you can follow the FROG blog HERE, Facebook HERE.

D I G I T A L F R O G 

RAINFOREST (Wetlands, Deserts) is the region we focussed on (it was a unanimous decision) and as I mentioned before we all love it! We will camp in the rainforest for a while yet before moving on to the Desert and Wetland areas. I'm sure it will keep us busy for a while. 

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Outstanding video footage. Yes, there are definitions, yes there are animated graphics, yes there are amazing photographs and yes, there are even video clips! 

D I G I T A L F R O G 

Great product! Honestly, do yourself a favor and have a look at the downloadable demo - the 'try-before-you-buy' option! I love when this choice is me it says that they are so certain of the quality of their product that they are happy to make a portion available, knowing people will love it. The demo is available by following this link:

System requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7 or Vista (32 bit) (some features may not work in the 64 bit version of Vista) 
  • 32 MB of RAM (64 or more recommended)
  • 75 MB of hard drive space for QuickTime
  • Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later
  • 30 MB of available RAM
Other products:

Science Matrix: Cell Structure & Function (All about Cell Biology)
Digital Frog v2.5 (Digital Frog Dissecting)

How to Contact the Frog Ladies:

Digital Frog International, Inc.Trillium Place, 7377 Calfass Road, RR#2
Puslinch, Ontario, Canada N0B 2J0
Phone: (519) 766-1097 Fax: (519) 767-9994
Email: or

I always tell my kids that they should not just believe anything they read... As this is my personal opinion of this product, it will probably be good to see what others think about it. You can view what my fellow Crew Mates think about this product by going HERE:

DISCLAIMER: I have received a free DVD/CD Rom of this product for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion. I did not receive any other compensation.


Jenni said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your review!! We loved the Digital Field Trips as well! Just visiting your blog from The Crew!

The Frog Ladies said...

Great review, it was a very interesting way to do the review using the letters in Digital Frog. We loved what you had to say and will link to your blog from our site.

Elizabeth said...

Hello ladies,
Thank you so much for your encouraging words!