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TOS Review: Lanschool - I have the power

Lanschool Review: - I’ve got the power!!  Ha ha ha (creepy laugh)

I have received a free license of this product for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion. I did not receive any other compensation.
Imagine the fun you can have if you can control your kids’ computers from the comfort of your own computer …(snigger snigger)

What Lanschool is:

Lanschool is a computer software program that once it is installed allows you to see and control what is done on the other computers in your home.
Lanschool v7.4 has two versions. Lanschool (for schools) and Lanschool Home for … well, you guessed it, home use : )  With the home version you can install it on up to 3 ‘student’ computers. For the sake of this review the parent’s computer will be referred to as the “Teacher’s console/computer” and the 3 other computers will be referred to as the “student’s” computers. This is also the wording that is used in the program.
When you get the link to download the software for this product, you also receive a link to a 41 page pdf UESERS file which provides you with a detailed description of how to install, uninstall and use this program.

Lanschool Home comes with two installations, one for the parent’s computer and one for the students’ computer. This installation comes with 3 years of free upgrades which can be done by just running the parents installation files again. If you need / want to, the parent’s installation can be done in secure mode which requires a password to access.

TAKE NOTE:  At the time of this writing, Lanschool v7.5 is available 

You can download a FREE 30 day trial version HERE

LANSCHOOL LITE - Free for Teachers, Librarians, Tech support and Administrators. You can learn more about this HERE and download the pdf manual as well. NOTE: Lanschool LITE is NOT available for homeschool use.

Lanschool Home v7.5 COST US$99 for a license for up to 3 student computers.

What you do with Lanschool:

Initially you’ll have a lot of fun ‘taking over’ the kids’ computers playing around with all the futures (because this is how you realy learn how to use it). WARNING: This might annoy the kids eventually…

On a more serious note, the following are the real functions behind Lanschool.

With Lanschool you can:

Monitor Family Computers

From the ‘Teacher’ computer you can view a thumbnail of all the other computers under your ‘control’ : )

Limit Computer Use

From your computer you can limit applications, internet access, USB drives and printing on the other computers. You can mute the other computers and even Blank Out any one or all the other screens…all of this at the press of a button.

Demonstrate Skills

Not only can you see the other computers, but at the press of a button the other computers can see the parent’s computer so everyone can ‘watch’ the parent’s computer. You can also upload files onto the student’s computer.

Remote Control

From the parent’s computer you can remotely take control of any of the other 3 computers by choosing the control button. This gives you control over the student’s mouse and you can help them out if needed.

Communicate and help

The parent can sent polls / questions /messages to all or selected computers from their own computer.

Any family member (or student) can also send the parent (teacher) a message / question / request for help. When this occurs a question mark appears on the parent’s computer and you can either use the chat future to have a private conversation with your child or you can remotely control their computer if needed.

Can I install Lanschool on my system?

The following specs are required to be able to install Lanschool.


PCs: 166 MHz Intel® Pentium® processor or faster
Macs: 700 MHz PowerPC G4, G5 or faster, any Intel-based Mac


- 48 MB for Windows 98
- 96 MB for Windows 2000
- 128 MB for Windows XP
- 256 MB for Windows Vista
- 512 MB for Mac OS X

Protocol stack

All computers running LanSchool Home must be configured with TCP/IP running static or
dynamic IP addresses. 802.11 wireless is supported, however enterprise class access
points are recommended.

What if I have computers running on different operating systems?

Fear not! Lanschool works with a combination of systems. 

If you have problems and updates:

With Lanschool Home you have access to 3 years of free updates, but if for any reason you need more help / information than what has been provided with the 41 page pdf. file you have access to Lanschool via one of three avenues:
Their website @
Through e-mail:
A Toll-Free phone call in the US on (877) 370-5546 during business hours (U.S. Mountain Time).

How have we used it?

We don’t have all our curriculum on computer, so probably haven’t used it to it’s full potential, but this is what we have done:
Shared certain websites so we could all see it.
I showed the kids each other’s screens when they did their math.
I was able to help them getting access to certain sites by remotely controlling their computers.
When they played too long on their pc’s / did not turn it off when asked I could blank out their screens and add a little message… like… .GET OFF the computer… and by the way.. I love you : ) – or something like that.

You can view what others think about this product by going HERE:

It is important to make informed decisions, so please visit their website HERE and have a look for yourself.

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Nice review! Looks like you had a little fun with the messaging feature too! LOL I really like the security features with older kids.