Saturday, October 16, 2010

TOS Review - Soli Deo Gloria

Last term we did a Jonah study which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. It was an inductive study done in a very fun way. When we headed towards the end of the study I was wondering what we'll do next. It was during that very week that I was given my next TOS Review to do... Soli Deo Gloria's Pre-Inductive Study in Psalms. I love the heading for the manual ... 

Young Hearts Longing For God

Isn't this what we all want for our children?

This 30-lesson study of the Psalms is aimed at students between the 4th and 8th grade, however it can be 'tweaked' for younger students (which us home educators are good at). 

My mother lives with us and spent most of the holidays with my daughter (nearly 10), so I thought it would be a great opportunity for them to do this together while the rest of our family was looking after a foster home.

So what do you do with this study?

Every day for a week you read the Psalm that is being studied (one Psalm per week). The first Psalm being studied is Psalm 8. The NIV Translation is used for this study. After reading the Psalm you can choose some of the questions / activities to do or you can do them all at the end of the week. I think doing a couple each day keeps it interesting and opens it up for discusion. At the end of the study the student is asked to do a journal entry in a personal journal to reflect on the week's study. 

The basic layout of each page (which contains the Psalm to be studied and the activities) is the same and looks like this:

This is my daughter's journal entry after doing Psalm 8 (Published with her permission):

My daughter enjoyed the variety of activities that went with the Psalm. 

I like that it is flexible and that you can spend a short period of time (for those with short attention span) or a longer time on the questions / activities. This way it doesn't become a chore, but something the kids look forward to doing in the morning. By dividing the questions up over the week it also lends itself to the chance for deeper discussion or even doing something creative around the Psalm. Younger children could draw a picture instead of writing a journal entry in their personal journals.

I am looking forward to continue this study with both my children. (Nearly 10 & 7).

Soli Deo Gloria (Meaning: "Glory to God alone") offers various products other than Bible studies. 

Other products include studies on Map Skills, World War II and The Human Body: God's Amazing Design amongst others. Products can be purchased in Print form or as downloadable pdf files.

You can find these on their Products page which is available HERE. They even offer some free resources over HERE.

You can read HERE what other TOS Crew mates think about this product.

DISCLAIMER: I have received a free downloadable pdf copy of this product for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion. I did not receive any other compensation.


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Loved how you included the photos of your daughter's work. We reviewed this book as well, and my kids really liked it.