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TOS Review - Collectorz

I LOVE books. Several months ago, I read this quote by Anna Quindlen: "I would be the most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves." It is definitely a quote that speaks to me : )  I think most homeschoolers think that way.

Now the thing about having a lot of books is that one can well, lose track of said books. Questions such as: "Do I have that book?", "Who did I lend that book to?", "Did I READ that book yet?", " etc are some that might pop up if you have a lot of books. So what to do .... has an answer to this problem. provide downloadable software you can install on your Windows Based PC or on your Mac or even your i-phone to help you catalog all those lovely books you have. Not only can you catalog your books, but you can add your own personal notes to it. Did you read it, loan it, sold it, borrow it, etc, etc. 

The way to catalog is easy; you either type in the name of the author and title OR ISBN number and Book Collector will download the book title, author, publication data, synopsis of the book, cover art and other information about the book. You also have an option to SCAN the ISBN number without having to type it in if you have a scanner. This can also be bought through After scanning and downloading all the info on the books, you can add your own personal opinions to the info page and even rate the book. After this you can export it all to HTML, text, i-phone or ipod-touch. 

Collectorz keep on working on adding to their software and keep you in the loop via update e-mails. 

Currently Book Collector has two editions: 

     Book Collector Standard edition @ US$29.95
     Book Collector Pro edition @ US$49.95

This is how the two versions compare: (based on link from website)

Book Collector Standard vs Pro feature comparison




Catalog your book collection by typing ISBNs, author & title or by scanning ISBN barcodes.checkcheck
Full access to the online book database for downloading book data and cover images.checkcheck
Full support for CueCat, Opticon C37 and Opticon OPN-2001 barcode scanners.checkcheck
Add and Edit Books, then browse, sort and group your books in List or Image View.checkcheck
Use the Quick Search box to find books in your database.checkcheck
Print book lists, with any column selection or sort order.checkcheck
Add multiple books in batch using the Queue Mode of the Add Books Automatically screen.checkcheck
Modify your book entries in batch, using the Edit Multiple Books feature.checkcheck
Export data to the CLZ Books mobile apps (for iPhone). check
Publish your data to your Book Collector Connect account. check
Integrated Loan Manager: keep track of who borrowed your books. check
Graphical Statistics of your data. check
Filter screen : create advanced search filters. check
Extra User Defined Fields, plus rename any other field to your own liking. check
Print Customized Lists and Details Pages using XSL Templates. check
Export book lists and detail pages in HTML format, for uploading to your own website. check
Export book data to XML and Text (CSV) formats (for use in Excel and other software). check

Here are the system requirements for installing the pro-version.

Pro edition

WindowsVersion 7.0.2 (Sep 09, 2010)
for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Mac OS XVersion 3.4.1 (Nov 10, 2009)
for Mac 10.4.9 or higher

This is what it will look like on your screen:

Link specific for Book Collector:

You can enter your e-mail and Try Before You Buy. (I always appreciate this option from a company!). does not just have this database software for books, but also for Music, Movies, Games, MP3's and more. Do go and check out their website and start cataloging : )

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DISCLAIMER:  I received a free installation for my Mac as part of the TOS crew in exchange for my honest opinion of this product. I received no other compensation.

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