Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TOS Review - Peterson Directed Handwriting - CURSIVE


I recently reviewed this homeschool product from "Peterson-Handwriting”. You can visit them here.

I was provided with free copies of the e-books for Steps 1-4 in Cursive writing for review purposes in exchange for my honest, personal opinion. I received no other compensation. These products retail for $19.95 each.

It is always exciting to get new products! This product was very timely too as my 7 year old son asked me to teach him cursive writing. Since my 9 year old daughter started cursive last year I thought I'd use this product with both of them.

Peterson Handwriting has a range of products to choose from... anything from beginning handwriting, wall charts, pencil grips all the way through to advanced cursive. Products are available for individual home use as well as classroom kits.

I found the website packed with information and advice. What really impressed me was the availability of Rand Nelson, the man who created this product. Not only did he give the reviewers a full hour of 'training' in an online meeting room, but he is also available for ongoing online support. What amazing customer service!

Here is a link to an online presentation by Rand Nelson telling you about this product.

I do encourage you to visit the website and have a look for yourself. It is well worth the time. 

So how did this work for us?

At first I was a bit confused as to how to go about it ... you see in my mind things that look too easy must have some catch to it...

After spending a bit of time on the website, reading up on their method I discovered that it was ... well, that easy!

PDH is a movement based strategy. It focusses on how the letters are formed rather than just copying it from a printed page. All the letters are based on 4 different strokes - sharp top, loop top, round top and roll top. You teach these strokes first before you teach the individual letters.

So first I showed the kids on the screen what the strokes looked like and explained the movement for the particular stroke we were learning.

The kids then finger traced the stroke on the screen and then practiced it by 'air writing'. We then moved on to the white board.

With making the strokes you say the phrase 'sharp top' as you write it. The idea is to start with 'sharp' as you start making your stroke and finish with 'top' as you end your stroke. Their is a little 'target game' in the e-books which helps with this concept. You start on the left side of the page and say "slide to the right"as you draw a line (finger trace or with a pencil). Your aim is to hit a 'target' (circle / square) drawn on the other side of the page by the time you say "right". The aim is to finish your line as you finish your sentence. So the kids not only see the stroke and do it, but also hear themselves saying it. A full sensory experience!

Once they've learned a particular stroke you go on to practicing that stroke and the letters that is formed using it on the printable worksheets.

With the way this product focuses on the movement of the different strokes it starts out with big movements so the brain makes a connection, then it goes on to making the movements smaller as you move from 'air writing' to writing on the worksheets.

Of course this doesn't happen all in one lesson! Rand suggests, as Charlotte Mason did, to have short lessons. Great minds think alike : )

I am definitely going to continue to use this product with both of my children.  Since my daughter started cursive last year, she found it a bit easier, but my son had absolutely no complaints about this product... always a good sign!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Are you ready for a revolutionary way to help you decrease disorder and increase order in your day? Then ...

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Are you tired of clutter in your head?
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An interactive file ... yes we said INTERACTIVE... planner, calendar, converter...all-in-one document just for you!

This Schoolhouse Planner includes a calendar for the year... with blank calendar pages for months to follow... But because it's interactive you simply type in the details and print it out!!! AMAZING!!!
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This Schoolhouse Planner includes monthly features and several recipes to try out each month. One of the features for July is a focus on the Bible with a timeline of events in the life of Jesus. It also looks at organizational tips for you to try out... and a list of resources and where to find it! WOW!


A multiplication table, basic information about the planets, definitions of different landforms, a list of countries and their capitals, kitchen conversion sheets and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!!!!

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HOUSEHOLD forms with Menu pages, Budget pages, Chore pages....and an Address Book.
This fantastic package is available in either pdf or CD format - YOU CHOOSE!!!

You could easily pay 100's of Dollars for a 614 page book let alone having to worry on which bookshelf to put it!!! But you can have this amazing resource for the one off low payment of us$39.00!!!!! That's right, only us$39.00 - WOW!!!

Does this sound too good to be true???

.... IT IS GOOD AND IT IS TRUE ... ONLY $39!!!!


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine to write this ad as part of a competition I'm entering.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I love homeschooling and I love my homeschool group!!

OK so I am in bed at 2pm. It's so not the usual thing but I do have a bad cold. Went to our homeschool group this morning. I felt miserable before we left but the kids had their first ice skating lesson and it was not to be missed. They had a blast!! 3 of the mums were on the ice too! I got tired just making the bed this morning so decided to give getting on the ice a miss - well for this week. Watch me next week!! or no, don't... unless you feel like a laugh! Haven't skated in 20 years!!! Wouldn't that be something to see. Anyway, so then we went off to a nearby church where one of the mums teaches the kids to play the ukelele. I obvioulsy looked as bad as I felt so a friend sent me home and said she'd drop my kids off after gym.

Now I have time to ponder things as I sit in bed, Macbook on lap... : )

I love that we homeschool. I love that the kids have the opportunity to learn amazing things from amazing people. I love our homeschool group and our 'gym friends' as my kids call the children in our group. I love the mums in my group - they are dear women who love God, who love their families and who care for others. Jesus in action!