Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charlotte Mason Made Easy - Lesson one

Last year I signed up for a course through The Broad Room called CHARLOTTE MASON MADE EASY, written by Stephanie Walmsley. 

Charlotte Mason Made Easy is a 3-month course during which Stephanie sends you weekly lessons to help you make your homeschool journey easier. 

As I mentioned I received this course last year already, but was doing a preaching course so had to put this on the shelf so to speak. In my quest for more organisation over the last few days (with Term I only a week or so away) I decided to open up the first pearl of wisdom (also known as lesson 1). And wow! I now have a better timetable for Term I and it's already helped me to plan better what I'll teach the children. It's given me focus!

My aim is to share with you what I've learned as I do this course. 
Do go and check out The Broad Room for yourself for some amazing inspiration ... maybe you can even join me on this course! follow this link : )  Charlotte Mason Made Easy


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alecat said...

I'll really look forward to hearing your feedback on this.

Thanks for the heads up on the course. I didn't know it was happening and have now shared it on the Australian homeschooling forum. I know there will be others who would enjoy this. :)

Catherine (Aust.)