Thursday, January 6, 2011

TOS Review - Math Facts Now!

Math Facts Now! ( is a great program for kids to learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. It is simple, short and effective. There are no games – just learning facts in a fast, effective way.
Math Facts Now!is a program that you purchase as a CD-ROM or download and install onto your computer. At the time of writing this review, this program was NOT available for MAC computers, but installation was easy for Windows.

Start by ‘creating’ your own lesson for the facts you want your children to practice.
Step 1 – Maybe your child needs to learn their 3 times table. Then you’ll choose Mulitplication, 3’s.
Step 2 – Decide on how many questions need to be answered to complete the lesson.
Step 3 – Decide on how much time you want to allow your child to think about the question before he needs to answer it? Set the time.
Step 4 – Decide on how many times your child needs to repeat a problem if it was answered incorrectly / took too long to answer. (The minimum for this is 3).
Step 5 – Decide if you want there to be a reward for completing the lesson without mistakes.
Lesson created!
Step 6 - Now create more lessons if you want.
Step 7 – Print out a list of facts your child struggles with if you want to.

Your next step is to simply assign an ‘account’ for your child by typing in their name. Once that’s done they are ready to go.
Your child now simply chooses his / her name from the list of names (if more than one child use it), and click on the lesson they need to practice. Simple as PI…. ; )

The wisdom in this program is that for all the incorrect answers the child needs to type out the problem in full. EG. If 7+3= is answered incorrectly or doesn’t answer the question within the given time frame, then she / he will need to type out 7+3=10 three times.
The kids did not at first like this at all, but soon saw the wisdom in this when they remembered that fact the next time it was asked. Math Facts Now! remembers which problems your child is having difficulty with and these problems will be asked more often. During the rest of the lesson a warning will also pop up saying ‘be careful’ when this fact comes up.

Initially the program expected the kids to answer 50 questions minimum for each lesson, but the staff of Math Facts Now! listened to our pleas and allowed us to decide for ourselves what number of questions would be good for our kids.

Math Facts Now!has a permanent place in our math curriculum

How much does it COST?:
This product comes at what I think is a very reasonable price.

Math Facts NOW! 2.0
US$15.95 NO S/H!)

Math Facts NOW! 2.0
US$15.95 + US$3.95 S/H)

Math Facts Now! runs on Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista and Windows 7. 4.5 Mb of free hard drive space required.
Free Trial
I just love creators of products who have such confidence in their program to allow you to trial it out before you buy! Math Facts Now! does not disappoint in this area. You can visit the following link to try it out for yourself before you decide to buy it.
Contact information and licensing information can be found here:
Visiting the following link provides you with contact details as well as details on licenses for schools.

In this, as all reviews, it is one opinion that I’m offering – my own. Why not visit my fellow TOS Crew Mates who also had the privilege of using and reviewing this product HERE to see what they think of it.
I received a FREE download of Math Facts Now! for use of review purposes in exchange for my honest, personal opinion. I did not receive any other compensation… except for my kids doing better in their math facts now ; )

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