Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two weeks into the "New Year"!!

It's been more than two weeks since we clinked our glasses saying "Happy New Year" to several close friends in our living room. During the last 14 + days it feels like I've lived several different realities. It's been a good two weeks. Sometimes busy, sometimes productive, sometimes .... well not productive at all!!

On the 1st day of January my true love said to me....Happy, happy New Year!!!

On the 2nd day of January my true love said to me.... Preaching then off to camping :)

On the 3rd day of January my true love said to me ... let's be off to the beach for swimming

On the 4th day of January my true love said to me ... I'm so glad to see you reading

On the 5th day of January my true love said to me ... night walk to see the glow worms

On the 6th day of January my true love said to me ... how's your sermon prep going?

On the 7th day of January my true love said to me ... ice cream with the kids darling : )

On the 8th day of January my true love said to me ...

So yes, after my dear husband preached on the 2nd we were off camping for a week with good friends of ours. We had amazing weather and the kids had a blast! Then we headed back to the city so I can preach.

I've actually managed to start and finish a novel in less than a week!! First one in ages. It was delicious!!

The second week of January was mostly spent at home. Although we did go the MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) one morning with friends. The kids enjoyed learning about creating a "Super City". They got to create their own flag, 'vote' for who they think should be the mayor, painted some polystyrene bricks to 'build' a town hall for the MOTAT Super City and engage in some other fun activities.

Wednesday morning at 4am!!!! we headed off to the wharf to try our hand at fishing! Well, I don't think that fishing will become a hobby, but it was a fun morning. It was fun (and fairly easy to catch the bait), but then it came to the actual 'catching the big one'.... it was more like....feeding the ducks at our local lake...the fish came, nibbled on the bait (or ate it out right) and then left! .... no, I think I'd rather read a good book, but hey, at least I've given it a go. Who knows, maybe I'd sing a different tune if I actually catch a fish : )

The rest of the week was a lot of R&R (reading & relaxing)... some might call it lazy? But it was fun to be able to sit or even play a game or two just because I could.

Today (Saturday) Mum took the kids on the ferry for a lovely day out with Grandma. I HAD to get new shoes as I literally had NO shoes for summer and I was treated to 3 pairs of lovely sandals and a trip to a bargain shop where I got 5 skirts and a top for under NZ$50!!

I am keen though to start my planning for school for this year and I think the kids (well at least one) aren't too upset about starting soon again. The other morning I asked them what they wanted to do for the day and my son said...School!!! We started workboxes last year and it has worked a treat!

Monday is my Mum's birthday and we are taking her out for dinner and then I'm taking her to see 'Cinderella the Pantomime'. I'm looking very much forward to that.....

but for now, I'm off to bed as it is nearly 3am.

Happy New Year everyone, may this be the best year ever.


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