Friday, February 11, 2011

All PUFFED UP - TOS Review: The Curiosity Files - Puffer Fish

OK kids! Put on your lab coats, get your magnifying glasses, get the bug catcher…and snorkels…..we’re off to meet Professor Ana Lyze!!

The Old Schoolhouse ® created nine (so far) unit studies (downloadable as e-books in pdf format) in this exciting series looking at some of the amazing things we encounter on earth. These unit studies have hands-on activities to do and they are fun. It is called the Curiosity Files!! The name alone already sparks interest.

Professor Ana Lyze (love it!) and her research “spy” team are said to specialize in the “obscure, the weird, and abnormal”. How exciting does that sound? And we’re going along for the ride, or the swim…. This ‘outing’ only costs US$6.95!! Anyone between 8 and 13 years old can come on any of her outings, but she is always happy to make exceptions and include younger or older kids ;)

Ok, so we’re off on our exciting, science investigation and we’re diving into the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean (we’re from NZ) because it’s closer than the Atlantic and Indian Oceans where Tetraodontidae can also be found. There we learn “everything we never wanted to know… yes, that’s right, everything we NEVER wanted to know about Puffer Fish”. The title and headings are fun and clever. …Did you know Puffer Fish don’t “puff up”… they swallow a LOT of water!! A ‘puffed up’ Balloon Fish / Toadie / Bubble Fish etc. do look like a balloon, but it’s more like a WATER BALLOON!!


The kids really enjoyed reading all this information that greeted us as we opened the file. The colourful pictures are an added bonus. After the article that gave us all the ‘unwanted’ information, there was a quiz. My children specially enjoyed answering all the questions!

Then off into cyberspace we went to visit different links that are found in the e-book to glean even more interesting information. Then we went to look for Puffer Fish on youtube and found some clips on preparing Fugu… bet you want to know more about Puffer Fish already!! : )

The printable word search was a favourite with both the kids.

I wanted to make the paper mache’ Puffer, but our daughter came down with Scarlet Fever so we had to put it off, but I’d love to do it next week and I’ll add the pictures to this post – so do check back later again.

Obviously I shouldn’t give everything about Puffer Fish away, so I’ll leave it to you to grab your lab coats and join Professor Ana Lyze on her next excursion…

Just in case you can’t wait for the next boat to take you to the ocean, here is a ‘sneak peek’ at this Fishy business.

Now you may not a “Fishy” kind of person, so here are the other obscure, weird and abnormal things Professor Ana Lyze and her team have ‘spied’ on so far?

They include:

• Blue Diamond
• Dung Beetle
• Red Tide
• Zombie Fire Ants
• Blue-footed Booby
• Cicada Killing Wasp
• Quicksand

As you may have noticed we really enjoyed our science expedition with this clever team.

Each expedition include the following:

• Bible study and Bible memory applications
• Science, math, history and geography investigations
• Literature and suggested book list
• Writing, spelling, vocabulary and copywork activities
• Discussion questions, special projects & experiments
• Art, crafts, drawing and coloring pages
• Lapbook/notebook pages and helpful lapbooking links
• Special needs, hands-on discoveries
• Art, crafts, drawing and coloring pages
• Internet resources, video links and complete answer key

As I said, this ‘outing’ only costed us US$6.95, but if you want to go along and join Proferssor Ana Lyze on all her expeditions, she’s got a special price of only US$46 for all 9 exciting journeys!! Or you can watch it on DVD for US$49.

Some of Professor Ana Lyze’s other ‘lab assistants’ went on some of the other outings and you can read about them HERE.


alecat said...

I love how we had people trialling different books. The Puffer Fish sounds very interesting!

I hope your daughter fully recovers from her Scarlet Fever soon. I've had it .. it's nasty! :(

Pleasantly Peavey said...

I really enjoyed your review. Thanks. This one sounds fun too. We did red tides. I am now following you too.

Jill said...

Good review! We studied quicksand and now may have to look into Puffer Fish as well.

The Unsell Family said...

Enjoyed reading your review. The Puffer Fish sounds really fun and interesting. We did the Quicksand study and loved it.

ksudoc93 said...

Very nice review, we loved learning about puffer fish too!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

We also did the puffer fish. We loved it.

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