Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kid Scoop - the Reluctant Reader Solution - A Review

I love reading and so it is easy to understand why I love libraries... they are filled with books for reading! My kids both have their own library cards so when we go for a trip to our local library we normally return with more than just one or two books! Recently however I've noticed that the kids have been reading less. So I was very pleased to have been picked for this review of Kid Scoop's Reluctant Reader Solution. This product is aimed at... yes, you guessed it...Reluctant Readers of elementary school age.

This downloadable product includes the following as a packaged deal:
  • 12 Full color issues of the Kid Scoop 20-page Newspaper
  • 365 Kid Scoop Worksheets (these are in black and white)
The Reluctant Reader Solution Package will cost you US$97
Click HERE to learn more about the FULL Reluctant Reader Solution Package that is offered.

The creators of this product is so confident in their product that they offer you a 100% money back guarantee!!

The Newspaper and Worksheets can also be purchased / subscribed to separately.

The Kid Scoop Newspaper is a 20 page full-of-fun product packed with puzzles, activities, web links, book reviews and games all laid out in a bright colorful design. You can view a sample of the Newspaper HERE.

The worksheets come in mini workbooks of 6 pages and include things from Bees and Butterflies to Tom Sawyer and Valentine's Fitness. These individual mini workbooks are available for download at US$2.99

HERE is a free sample of the "Backyard Carnival" worksheets.

What we thought of it:

The Newspaper is colorful and attractive so sparked immediate interest. The varied activities and puzzles kept the kids engaged for a long time and they went back for more! My kids especially LOVED the word searches that were dotted throughout the Newspaper. One of the pages also features a calendar for the month with an activity for each day - I'd like to see if I can do this for each month of the year... well at least for some of the days of each month ;) Another big hit was the "Learn to Draw" section.

My kids LOVED the worksheets. I gave them their own worksheets to work on based on their own interests. I really liked the 'Eagle Eyed Reader' Activities where the kids had to read a passage and 'fix' all the mistakes. It was very good to hear the words... "Mummy, can we do some more please? This is too much fun". Oh, sweet words!!!

It is suggested that you as parent look over the worksheets first and give the kids 2 or 3 questions to find the answer for in the worksheet. Both my kids decided they were 'detectives' and set out looking for the answers immediately!

Apart from these treasures you can also subscribe to a "30-days of Reading Fun" e-mail. You will receive an e-mail every day for 30 days (I know you knew that!) with a reading lesson to do with your kids. It is suggested that you use a newspaper for this. We did not do each day's lesson but we'll get to all of them! One lesson we did was the 'Underwater Poem'. The lesson was to look through the newspaper and find words about the ocean or the beach. Using these words we wrote a poem about the underwater world.

My 71/2 yo's poem F I S H

My 10 yo's poem UNDERWATER
The Website is also full of ideas and links to other educational sites. I encourage you to pack a bag and visit this website to look at what they offer.

We are still very much enjoying this product! 

DISCLAIMER:  As part of the TOS Crew I received a free download of this product for free in exchange for my personal and honest opinion. I did not receive any other compensation.

As with anything the above is my own opinion only. To read what others thought of this product, visit the Crew's website over HERE.


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