Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TOS Review - City Creek 'Times Alive Software'

TIMES ALIVE SOFTWARE - Times Tables the Fun Way

Times Tables the Fun Way almost sound like a contradiction in terms doesn't it.

Do you remember learning your Times Tables the ‘Parrot Fashion’? I’m sure many of us do. I remember being drilled by my sister; sitting anxiously wondering if I’m going to get the next one correct or not. I did not like it … obviously I did not enjoy it. Yes, it did the job as I know my Times Tables, but there are one or two that I still need to ‘think’ about before I can offer an answer.

This downloadable software offers a different perspective on learning Times Tables. My first thoughts were – ‘can you make learning Times Tables fun’? Well, we will see.

I received a free download of ‘TIMES ALIVE SOFTWARE’ as part of the TOS Review Crew. I did not receive any other compensation … except that I now have an easy way to remember that 7x8=56 : )
I downloaded and installed this software onto our home PC. The process was easy enough and I did not experience any technical difficulties.

Your next step is to sign up your kids. Log-in is case sensitive so you need to remember if you used first names only, capital etc.

My very first impression was to be dubious about the program. The first thing you hear is a monotonous computer voice saying this program is intended only for kids who want to have fun… great concept, but the computer voice turned me off.

Considering too that we in NZ just had our summer break (which only ended today!) I wondered how the kids would enjoy this program… sun and surf vs math….mmm, need I say more? : )
BUT the review needed to be done so we needed to do math … in between sun and surf : )

The first thing your child gets to do is a Times Tables test that goes onto the progress sheet. This test can be cleared and redone. It can also be printed out as a blank test so they can practice ‘off screen’.

First comes the zeros. If you did not know this before, Elvis is no longer the king, but ZERO is KING!… no not Elvis, ZERO is King!

Ok, so before you think I’ve lost the plot … this is they way the program works…

Each fact gets introduced to the child by means of a story. Zero is King so everything wants to be like Zero, so 0x8=0, 0x5=0 etc…. anything times 0 is still 0, because Zero is King!

Not only is there a story, but also animation to go with the story. After the story the child gets the opportunity to practice that fact. Next up is a song (again with animation) about the story and fact you are learning. After a couple of lessons your child gets the opportunity to color a picture based on one of the stories as a fun activity.

"Progress reports summarize date lesson completed, quiz scores, and time elapsed.
Students may stop anywhere and resume where they left off. The program remembers".

What we thought of it:

The kids are having FUN, FUN, FUN with the stories… not only are they having FUN they remembering the facts!!! Oh did I mention they are having FUN?!!

We took a week’s break with having friends visiting every day and took it up again today … they still remembered the facts we learned two weeks ago!!

I must admit that I’m pleasantly surprised by this program. My daughter specially is a visual learner and this program caters to visual and auditory learners beautifully!!

The one thing we all agree on is that at times the songs are a bit much for us and sometime it goes on a bit long, but in saying that…. My daughter was humming a tune this morning and I said to her…”Honey you are humming 6x6!!” It was funny because we agreed that although we find the songs a tad much, it works!!

The Times Alive Software retails for US$44.95 and is for anyone who needs to learn or brush up on their Times Tables.

But hey, check out this link HERE to have a look at a video clip about this amazing program. You can also go HERE to view another sample of one of the songs on the CD-ROM.

They have several different products apart from this downloadable software including student workbooks and clue cards amongst others.

System Requirements

Windows PC
Windows 98 SE, 
Windows ME, 
Windows 2000, 
Windows XP, 
Windows Vista

As always this review is my personal opinion after having used the product. Why not see what my fellow crew mates think of this too by visiting this link HERE.
Happy reading : )


Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.Your review of Times Alive was so cute and funny! It has really helped my 8YO son with his facts. It came at THE perfect time.

Jennifer said...

I found the same thing - a GREAT program for visual learners. Really helps them picture the facts in their minds. My 9yo who has struggled with all sorts of other programs from flash card review to memorizing songs, finally met with success with this program.