Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grammar Lessons Made Easy

Grammar Made Easy Online Course

I really like the sound of that don't you...Something made easy!!

I prefer this title .... 'insert topic' Made Easy rather than 'insert topic' for Dummies : )

This is exactly what this Grammar course is doing.... making things easy.

It makes planning a grammar lesson easy.
It makes giving the lesson easy.
It makes understanding it easy.

Stephanie Walmsley is the Author behind this amazing 13 week online course.

Well, it's online as far as getting the pdf downloads, but then it is all HANDS ON!

... Come back on Monday when I'll have some photographs of what we've been doing : )

You will want to do it too ;)

TOS Review - Big IQ Kids

DISCLAIMER:  I received a free membership to this website as part of the TOS Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion about this product.

What is BigIQKids(c)?

HERE you can watch some videos about their program as well as read 10 tips on getting better grades.

Who is it for?

BigIQKids is "designed for students in grades K-8 and promote spelling efficiency, vocabulary building, math fact mastery and US geography knowledge via multimedia reinforcement and independent learning". (Quote from the website)

I'm not sure if grade 7 & 8 children would be very interested as the website graphics in my opinion are more targeted to a younger audience.

How much does it cost?

You do have limited access to the programs on the website FREE of charge. There is also an option for premium membership where you have full access to all that which the site has to offer. Please visit the pricing page HERE to look at all the different pricing options.

What does it offer?

Spelling program
Math Facts program
Vocabulary program
USA States program
Spelling game
Vocabulary game
Time game
Measurement game
Games as rewards after completing lessons
Vowel program

How did we use it?

The kids could use it fairly independently (although I like to see what they do online).

We used it mostly for the spelling and vocabulary programs. Both of my kids loved these. I received e-mails for every quiz and test they completed. It pointed out the words which the kids misspelled and we could focus on those for the week. The kids had a great sense of accomplishment when they were moved up to the next level.

The children did do some of the math facts, but I found it easier to stick with the other math programs we've been using. Neither the kids enjoyed doing the math facts online in this case. They also both turned the sound down when doing the math facts. What I liked about this is that you could however print out the Math Facts quizes and the kids then did those without complaint.

After each completed lesson the kids were allocated a coin which they could use for one of the online games. What I liked about this is that they couldn't just go on BigIQKids to play games. They had to complete a lesson prior to being able to play a game.

My son enjoyed playing the Time Game (Part of the free games). This is good as it is played with Analog as well as Digital time.

The programs can be tailored as well - eg. you can create your own word list to work on in the spelling and vocabulary programs.

What we did not like about it:

All of us found the pre-recorded voice-overs monotonous. At times the words were unclear, but it might be due to the kids listening to an American accent as supposed to New Zealand.

Although the kids did the Math Exercises they did not enjoy doing it online - specially if the timer was running.

I looked at one of the E-books that is currently available (aimed at 8-12 year olds). I found it unsuitable for our family:    I found the language sarcastic, encouraging in my view the whole 'teenage attitude' as well as playing down lying and disrespect. I lost interest quickly and did not encourage the kids to read it as it is not the kind of book I would choose to read to my kids.

Other Opinions:
As with any other product I think it is very important to get more than one opinion on it. Please visit the Crew Website HERE to see what my fellow Crew Mates thought of this product.