Sunday, April 10, 2011


Grammar Made Easy Online Course

OK, so on the 26th of March I raved a bit about this Grammar Lessons Made Easy course I am doing with the kids and promised some pictures and information about it. So here it is:

What is Grammar Lessons Made Easy?

This is a 13-week Grammar course that will guide you step-by-step in teaching your lovely children about Grammar.

Each week (for 13 weeks) you will receive an e-mail from Stephane Walmsley (the author) with a link to a PDF download. You can then save this to your computer.

This download opens a file of 3 - 6 pages which include your lesson that is set out in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow format.

All you need to do is read through the lesson so you are familiar with the content before teaching your kids and then print out the pages which the kids will need to make their poster for the week.


This course will cost you three installments of NZ$19. That is just under $60 for a 13 week course which you can do at your own pace. Not a bad price at all!

Our thoughts:

I love Stephanie's courses and her online products. I've attended all the courses she used to run in Auckland which included "Introduction to Homeschooling", "Charlotte Mason" and "Liberal Arts".

Grammar Made Easy is exactly what it says... Grammar lessons the easy way.

The kids LOVE doing their weekly Grammar lesson. I find it easy to teach / explain and the kids understand the concepts and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making the posters. I enjoy looking at the way they make their individual posters and watching their creativity come to the fore. ... we've even got my Mum joining in and making her own posters too.

Stephanie encourages each child to make his / her own poster (which will be a lot if you have more than 2 kids), but I can see how it is beneficial. Stephanie also encourages Mum to keep her hands to herself and let the child make their own poster, putting their personal 'stamp' on it. I do 'sit on my hands' and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids being proud of what they have produced. I laminate the posters and stick it on the wall. At the end of the course each child will have a folder where they'll put their posters in.

Here are some pictures of their creations:

Some of our Posters on the wall
Aaron's (left) and Lydia's (right) Pronoun Posters

Part of Lydia's Pronoun Poster
Part of Aaron's Pronoun Poster

If you want to find out more about this course, please go to: Grammar Lessons Made Easy

To find out more about the lovely Stephanie click HERE

ADDED: Stephanie does offer a money back guarantee!!! Here it is as per the website:

30 day 100% Moneyback Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee
If you join and you don't like the course or if you are unhappy
with it for whatever reason, your money will be refunded at the click of a mouse. 
Speedily, politely and with no questions asked.

This is absolutely guaranteed!
I want to be sure that you are completely satisfied will this course and so
I have chosen to offer a 4-week, money-back guarantee. I am confident that you
will be absolutely thrilled with the course content, and with the results in your family.

DISCLAIMER: I paid for this course and this is an unsolicited review.

Why don't you comment on this blog and let me know what you think of this product.



Barry Pearman said...

Hi Elizabeth, would this be helpful for adults?

Elizabeth said...

Hellooo MOG :)

Mum (with English as a second language) is enjoying it. If English is not your first language (and I think even if it is and you need to scrub up on grammar) this will certainly be of help. Worth a go. What I should have added is that Stephanie has a money back guarantee... will add that to the post.