Friday, April 8, 2011

Science Weekly - TOS Review

DISCLAIMER:  As part of the TOS Review Crew, I received a free set of Science Weekly(c)  Magazines about 'THE FLU' for review purposes. I did not receive any other compensation.

WHAT is Science Weekly (c)?

Science Weekly(c) is a yearly Magazine Subscription of 15 issues on various Science topics.
The Magazine is available at different levels and is recommended for Grades: Kindergarten - 6th Grade.

Levels are:
Pre-A (Kdg)
A (Grade 1),
B (Grade 2),
C (Grade 3),
D (Grade 4) and
E ( Grades 5,6).

It also comes with Teaching Notes.

Topics include (amongst others):

The Flu
The Science of Movies
Scuba Diving
The Moon

How much does it cost?

The Price Tag for 15 issues of the Science Weekly Magazine is as follows:

Individual Rate - US$19.95 / student (less than 20 students) / Level

Classroom Rate - US$4.95 / student (minimum of 20 students) / Level

The Subscription Page is HERE.

What do you get for your money?

Each Magazine is a colorful, folded A3 size. So there are 4 pages all up. The pages are divided into sections e.g. An introduction to your topic on page 1 followed by a section for Vocabulary, a section for Math and a Weekly Lab that sets out a science experiment. It is less than $2 per Level and full of information, an experiment and some activities.

How did we use it?

My kids are nearly 8 and 10. I decided to do more than one level and so we did Levels B, C & D. We did Science once a week and spent 5 weeks on this. The last week I set up a little test for the kids to see what they remember. I was pleasantly surprised!! I loved having all the different levels at my disposal so as to build upon previous knowledge over the 5 weeks. I think in one way it's a shame that the Magazines are sold at specific levels as I liked the way it builds on the previous level and was able to use different levels with the kids.

So the first week we did the introduction of Levels B & C and did the vocabulary section. The following week we 'recapped' the vocabulary sections. We then did the Science Lab of Level C. The kids really LOVE the hands-on stuff. The following week we recapped the Introduction, Vocab and we read the introduction of Level D. Week 4 we did Level D's Science Lab and looked at a youtube clip about the FLU VIRUS invading a body!!  Week 5 I gave the kids a test to see how much they remembered. I am pleased to say that they have a good grasp on The Flu!! :)

We all thoroughly enjoyed this product! The kids liked the vocabulary section and made doing this into a game. They loved the Science Lab and even enjoyed taking Mummy's test. I had two very proud kids on completion of our FLU Study thanks to Science Weekly (c).


As usual, I like when people are confident in their product and offer free samples. Science Weekly doesn't disappoint. You can view some sample issues HERE.

With anything in life, this is only one opinion. See what my fellow Crew Mates think of this product by going HERE.

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