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TOS Review - Yesterday's Classics


I found this quote somewhere on the internet and I just love it:

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. ~ Anna Quindlen, "Enough Bookshelves," New York Times, 7 August 1991 ~

If however you do not have the space for more bookshelves what are you to do?

You have options ... one is to get rid of some of your books.... aaaggghhhhhh!!!!  No, that's NOT an option!

I guess you can move to a bigger house .... although impractical, too much time and too expensive...

A better option though is to turn to YESTERDAY'S CLASSICS. This is an amazing website and the place to go for many 'out of print' books. YESTERDAY'S CLASSICS republish books for children from what they call the "Golden age of Children's Literature" which is the era between 1880 and 1920!

BUT does that solve the "Help I don't have more space for more bookshelves problem"? Well, yes.

IF you have space you can purchase the paperback editions BUT if you don't have space for another bookshelf... then you can purchase the eBooks!!!

I was super privileged to have been given the opportunity to review YESTERDAY'S CLASSICS as part of the TOS Review Crew. I received an amazing 225 eBooks for free for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was offered (shock horror ;)} but I did receive fun, joy, new information, ..... well you get the picture.


  • eBooks are books in electronic format (well for those who did not know:)}. 
  • To read these books on your computer / eBook device you will need some or other software program.
  • These eBooks come in different formats: Kindle and EPUB. 

Now if you don't know about these things it's ok : )  (Phew) I did not know much about them until recently either.

You will need an eBook reader software program to be able to read the Kindle / EPUB files. There are several different programs available which can be downloaded for free. Examples are eReader and Stanza amongst others. I also downloaded Adobe Digital Editions from their website which I used to read the eBooks on. I received both Kindle and EPUB formats which I've downloaded onto my Mac. I prefer the EPUB to the Kindel format as some software will only read EPUB formats.

Let's put the technical jargon to the side and get to the books already!!

So what are the books like?

The 225 books I've received come in 22 different genres:

World History, Children of the World, Nature, Ancient Greece, Fables, Fairy Tales, Science, Literature, Shakespeare, Legends, Poetry and 12 others!

There are books and stories for everyone in the family!

This package is available to you too!

Here are some examples of what is available:

[Cover] We very much enjoyed reading Robin Hood and it was fun talking about the differences in this story and the Walt Disney Movie (which is a favorite).

[Cover] I started reading this one and have great plans about how to incorporate this into our curriculum for this term : )

[Cover] I started reading this book too : )  Another 'Living Book' - what a lovely way to learn about the things around us!

[Cover] We've enjoyed reading several of the well-known fairy tales.

How much does this cost?

If you bought paperback editions of all the books available in this package it will cost you U$2495.75!

If you bought all the titles individually it will cost you US$648.80,  BUT

This package of 225 eBooks is available now (Till 31 May 2011) for only US$99!

Now, I've said it before:  I appreciate companies who are so confident in their product that they offer a free sample and / or a money back guarantee.... YESTERDAY'S CLASSICS offers BOTH!!!  Have a look at this special offer:  You can get a free sample and all 225 eBooks with a money back guarantee for the amazing price of US$99!!! To take advantage of their Special Offer that runs from now through to 31 May, 2011 go HERE.

As always, this is my personal opinion. If you need any more convincing that this is a great product, please go HERE to read some more reviews about YESTERDAY'S CLASSICS.

Happy reading ;)

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