Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diary of a Bereaved Mother by Ann Kit Suet-Chin

          "Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him." Psalm 127:3 (NLT)

Ann is a woman in my local church here in Auckland, New Zealand. She is an immigrant like me. She is a mother like me. We both have a baby in heaven. My baby died before I was 2 months pregnant, but Ann's baby was born ... he lived ... and he died. 

Ann's story is a sad story. It tells of her Andrew. Precious Andrew who lived for 55 days. Andrew and I share the same birthday - 29 September. It is interesting the connections we find with people. 

I haven't finished reading Ann's book. I find sometimes I can't put it down ... other times I just have to put it down and take a deep breath. It is a book written with raw honesty. Ann lets you look into her soul. 

This book will touch your heart and your soul.

Ann's addressed this book to "The Beareved", "The Care Givers", "The Medical Personnel" and "The General Reader" in the hope that it will encourage and strengthen those who have walked / will walk a similar path and to help those who walk beside them. 

This is Ann's opening words in her book:

Diary of a bereaved Mother: Front page

The greatest tragedy
A white head buries a black head.
~Ancient Chinese Adage~

In the book of fairy tales,

Girl meets boy,

They fall in love,

They marry,

They have children,

They live happily ever after.

In the book of melancholy,

The owl hoots,

The crow caws,

A loved child is taken,

A hole in the ground,

The heart bleeds.

In the book of Christianity,

Reach out,

Cry out,

There is comfort,

There is healing,

There is light.

This is my story in a nut shell.

~Ann Chin~

Visit Ann's website HERE.


Ann said...

Thanks Elizabeth, this is beautifully written.

In deed our lives are connected in so many ways. That morning when you were telling your story in church, I was crying, I saw a younger version of me in you. Kay tapped on my shoulder and asked if I was alright.

That was why I came to hug you and send you my email though I had been in church for 5 years, we never spoke.

God brought us together that only he knows why, but I know , we both have a special gift, to comfort another grieving mum.

Elizabeth said...

Ann, Thank you for your encouragement. I know that your book will touch many lives.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I think this book will be a wonderful gift for bereaved mothers. The loss of a child is so painful and isolating - because nobody wants to talk about it. But the worst thing for a mother, and a marriage is to keep that enormous grief inside!

I hope writing it was good for her soul. I know that this will touch, (and hopefully help heal) many other women who may feel alone.