Monday, July 25, 2011

Slim Down Sunday Meme - Week 2

I joined this weekly Meme from April @ Heartfelt Homeschooling to 'hang out' with others who want to shed a few pounds. So click on the graphic at the top to link back to the linkup page to see what others are up to.

My goal is to lose 10kg.

Each week we post how it went.

My goals for last week were these:

Exercise 3 times this week (for at least 20min each)
Weigh and measure myself
Drink water instead of coffee / tea
Set up a healthy eating plan
Get more sleep (as I've learned that less sleep slows down your metabolism which makes it harder to lose weight!!)

So how did it go?

I got the flu!! I felt miserable all week and I'm still recovering, so:

I did not exercise last week ('cause I wanted to stay alive) :)
I did not weigh or measure myself (I try to focus on breathing)
I DID drink more water ('cause I felt too sick to drink or eat anything else)
I did not set up an eating plan ('cause I couldn't even think of eating anything) BUT I did not even feel like having chocolate! (A sure sign that something is seriously wrong with me!!)
I DID get PLENTY more sleep ('cause I couldn't stay awake!)

So seeing that I'm still recovering I wont get to exercise (again, because of self preservation), but I will endevour to work out a good eating plan and measure / weigh myself.

For now, off to take some drugs.



April said...


So sorry you've been sick! That's not fun at all. Self-preservation trumps dieting any day. Hope you feel much better fast!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks April :)

Lisa Ladrido said...

I hope you feel better this week. This is my first week on the meme and I am glad I found it. See you next week. Lisa

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