Friday, September 2, 2011

C is for Composing

a teaching heart

One of my fellow TOS Crew Members just started hosting this Meme. We enjoy studying great composers, so I thought I'd join in. 

So far we've studied some of the history and music of:


We enjoyed learning about Vivaldi last term and so we are on to Handel.

I am fortunate to have part of 'The Classical Collection' which is one of those fortnightly magazines I used to get. Each magazine looked at a different composer which included a bit of his history, a timeline, quotes and sheet music and also looked at different instruments. The magazine also had an accompanying CD with some of the beautiful music of the composer. Here is an amazing post about this collection.

Apart from this collection we get books from the library to read more about these amazing people.

So in my next post I'll let you know how our study on Handel is going.



Blossom said...

The magazine sounds like a good one to subscribe to. I will put that on my list to look up after I get moved :)
Looking forward to see more about Handel.
I follow you, too :)

Julie Coney said...

Thanks for joining in! I can't wait to hear how Handel is going next week.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Blossom and Julie :) Thanks for stopping by.

Blossom, the magazine has been discontinued many years ago. It has 106 CD's of which I've got 52. I know Amazon has some seconds for sale and there are some who are selling off their entire collection, but it's not cheap.