Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge for November

I've been invited to participate in a Gratitude Challenge for the entire month of November. 

It is so easy to complain about what is going on in our lives, about things that aren't 'right', about the lack of money, 'stuff', etc., etc.

Starting the 1st of November, I'm going to try (with Brend from Garden of Learning) to post something I'm grateful for every day. 

A couple of years ago our family started doing this at the breakfast table: while having breakfast we'd take turns to say what we are thankful for that morning - this is a good reminder to keep on doing that and to do it every day!

Now I'll extend the invitation to you too : )  Why not join us in being thankful? Simply go to the original post HERE and follow the instructions.

Hope you'll join us :)


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Ann said...

This Sunday's sermon is good, It could be worse.