Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Black day at Church

It was Sunday. 

A not 'out-of-the-ordinary' day for attending church. Except, it was Sunday night close to 9pm. Several figures dressed in Black were moving around the main auditorium looking for a seat. A sense of anxiety filled the air....




in the

The Rugby World Cup Final!

Two teams.
One winner.

Yes, our church hosted screenings of several of the Rugby World Cup (RWC) matches as a different option to the pub scene, but still have the atmosphere of a crowd cheering for their team. 

It was fun, it was stressful, it was ... the final!

I must admit I thought to myself that I'm taking rugby a tad too seriously as I was sitting on the edge of my seat ... nearly biting my nails (yes, I had a finger pressed firmly against my lips) ... feeling way to anxious about this game - nearly dreading the possibility ... no, I wont say it! ... mmmm... Yes, maybe a tad too seriously.

Be it as it may ... it was time. Two amazing teams going head to head - The Men in Black and The Men in White ... (as France kindly gave up their colours so 'we' can play in our Black Jerseys) 

The National Anthem was sung - loudly!
The Crowds (at the stadium, at church and I'm sure everywhere else) were swept up with emotion.
The whistle was blown.
The game was on!

I am an ALL BLACK supporter ALL THE WAY, but I must say France was a worthy opponent! I think BOTH TEAMS are to be congratulated. It was a CLOSE game. Really, how much closer do you get than a one point difference? 8 - 7

After all that though, the ALL BLACKS walked off the field as the winners of the Rugby World Cup 2011! Well done boys! 

Oh, sweet victory.

Now ... I should BREATHE!

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