Monday, November 21, 2011

I am thankful for ... Day 21

Today is 21 November, 2011 - I had to rethink how I was approaching our home education. It's not been the easiest of years and I've been frustrated for much of it. Time ruthlessly marches on and I've realised again how easy it is to miss precious moments with those you hold dear and how short a time we have our kids with us. My eldest turned 11 recently and some are starting to ask me 'when are you going to send her to school'. :)

We have our difficult moments, but I love homeschooling the kids, they love being homeschooled (YES they tell me) and so today I am extra thankful for being able to home educate my children who are so precious to me. We will do this for as long as we possibly can! 

What are you thankful for today?

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Lisa said...

My family always asked us when we were going to put our kids in school until the other cousins got bigger. They could see the difference in our kids compared to the cousins and they quit asking.

Anonymous said...

I am also thankful for being able to home-school my children and having that precious time, that if I did not home-school wouldn't have <3

Keri~ A Homeschooling mom loving that curriculum isn't just black and white