Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reflecting on the last few months - A glass half full

"It's been a hard year"

This has been the 'end of year sentence' for me for the last 3 years. It is of course so much easier to pick out the difficult, the bad, the uncomfortable, the not so nice parts... you get the picture. If you've read some of my previous posts, you might have read my post about my "Now that I'm 40". One of the things I want to change (and yes, I'm working on it) is to be more optimistic / positive about life. Trying to see the glass as half full.

Just for fun - I found this image scouring the internet - thought it was rather funny : )

So here is the glass half empty (and in a nutshell):

We've been struggling with immigration issues and it's an ongoing stress.
Other family stresses including relationship difficulties and financial issues.
Having to give up our foster baby after nearly 7months.
Dynamics at home that is not always easy.
It's been very difficult to be consistent with our lessons every day.

But we want to see the glass as HALF FULL - in fact, as in Psalm 23, we want our glass or cup to RUN OVER not just be half full.

Every time immigration has extended Mum's visa it has been against many, many odds, so this glass is more than half full! Thank you Lord!

Despite financial concerns we have been blessed with friends who have assisted us in paying for lawyers fees [for immigration]. This cup is RUNNING OVER! Thank you Lord!

After wondering if we'd ever see Starfish (our foster baby) again, we have been invited to visit the family on Christmas Eve! This cup is RUNNING OVER! THANK YOU LORD!

Although the dynamics at home are stressful at times we love each other. Even though my girl (11) and boy (8) have to share a room, they adore each other and we have the privilege of having my mum with us. This cup runs over with love and forgiveness. Thank you Lord!

It is such an honour to teach our kids at home and although being consistent with academic lessons has been a challenge our kids have learned so many life lessons. They know how to be flexible, what sacrifice is and in all of this they are still giving and caring for others outside our home. God has blessed us with fantastic children. My cup runs over. Thank you, Thank you Lord!

How is your cup half full or overflowing this Christmas?


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