Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where have I been?

You could be forgiven for thinking I've dropped off the planet.....

It's been a while since my last post - even longer since I've posted about something else than the 'Slim Down Sunday' (which I'm failing dismally at right now)  :(

So why have I been so very absent?

It all started with ... The FLU, colds, coughing, snot ... I mean mucus... and more coughing etc....

First it was the kids - all 3 of them unwell in the same week!! It happened to be the last week of term so we did a bit of work (School in bed for the older 2) but poor kiddies were not well at all.

The math: 3 sick kids (10, 8, 5months) = no time for hanging out in cyber space.

Trying to be optimistic though, I thought to myself that during the two week break between terms I will get 'up to date' with writing and posting and I will take 2 -3 days and do fabulous planning for term 3 and be super organized and start the new term off with a bang!

Oh, the best laid plans .... just as the kids returned to better health I was attacked by the most amazing FLU virus! I was defenseless... I couldn't beam it out of my body, I did not have a StarTrek tricorder thingy to get rid of it... no, it was like the BORG, resistance was futile... (yes I liked StarTrek) ... I slept for a week! No, I'm not kidding, I'm not exaggerating. I slept for the best part of a week. I did wake up to have a shower and then crash again. You would think with all the sleeping I did I'd heal I thought too, but week 2 of the holidays rolled around and the books (which I took out to do my amazing planning) still sat in the same place mocking me! So I slept some more. It's been 4 weeks before I started feeling well enough to do more than make breakfast (read take cereal out of the tub and pour it into a bowl). I did not even want chocolate!!!

The math: 3 weeks of FLU attack, bronchitis and sinus infection = no desire or ability to hang out in cyber space (or anywhere else for that matter!)

The second reason for my absence is because I've lost my brain.... with being unwell and so tired I have misplaced my brain! I even locked myself out of the house (I've NEVER done that before!)

The math: no brain.... what are we talking about?

Reason 3

Immigration ... need I say more?

I've been dealing with immigration stuff for my mother for the last couple of years and it is time consuming amongst other emotions. Last Wednesday was back to the lawyers for the second to last visit. Papers are handed in .... phew!

The math: immigration applications + letters + statutory declarations + ... = cyber what? where do you need me to sign?

So as you can see I haven't just been slack or lazy, but was a bit 'busy'. : )

... but I'm back!


Monday, August 1, 2011

New Friend Friday Meme - Week 2

I joined this Meme last week. Now I know it's not Friday, but Monday HOWEVER, this is to make new friends in cyber space and read some interesting blogs... and any day is a good day for that : )

So here is what to do... Join us : )

1. Add your blog using the Mr Linky at the bottom of this post. (MoldingMindsLinkup)

2. Post a small blurb linking back to that blog post.

3. Follow at least 3 of the blogs already linked (the first few will have to come back later in the day to get 3).

4. Comment on their blog letting them know that you are following from Follow Me Friday at Molding Minds.

5. Follow anyone that comments on your blog.

The last is very important as that is what makes this work! Any type of blog is welcome to participate as long as it is FAMILY FRIENDLY. Have fun and I look forward to meeting some new friends! Be sure to give the linky a few minutes to refresh before putting your info in a second time. It can take up to 5 minutes sometimes.


Slim Down Sunday Meme - Week 3

A couple of weeks ago I decided to join my cyber friend April @ Heartfelt Homeschooling for her Slim Down Sunday Meme. 

My goals are to lose 10kg (22 pounds) and to eat better, sleep better and be more healthy. My father died of his 3rd heart attack at the age of 52 and I have genetically high cholesterol. I am nearly 40 and don't want to leave this planet prematurely!! 

Since my decision to do this seriously (not because though!!) I've been sick. The universe knows!! But I will continue... cough, cough,  with my quest... big breath... to lose this weight and be more healthy!!

So, 2 weeks with the FLU and I'm still recovering!! but although I AM recovering from the FLU, I have a secondary sinus infection and bronchitis!  YAY. I'm on antibiotics, but the dr informed me that I WILL be tired like this for a LONG time. So, any and all exercise is completely out at the moment. I get tired from thinking about taking a shower.

The upshot of this is that due to my severe lack of appetite, I've lost nearly 3kgs!!!  Maybe not the best way to drop the weight, but hey.

So my plan for this week (with my appetite slowly returning) is to eat sensibly. Get my plan sorted (I've just been too tired to think) and continue to engage in a good sleeping pattern. (which for me is going to bed by 11pm NOT 1am!)

Now, to keep this weight down that I've lost :)