Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who killed the Professor?

Was it Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen with the candlestick?

I have always loved the game Cluedo. As a child, the only time I got to play it was at my cousin's house, which meant once a year over the Christmas holidays. Alas, not everyone shared my great enthusiasm for the game either. Sigh.

If you like Cluedo, or the Murder Mystery dinners... or a good detective story, then you really need to consider heading over the Auckland Museum very soon.

Auckland Museum (a favourite hang-out spot) is currently running a FANTASTIC Exhibition called:
THE POISONERS. It is an interactive Murder Mystery and YOU have to solve it! You are the detective who needs to figure out who killed the amazing Professor Felix Splicer. There are four suspects. Professor Splicer's twin brother, Dr. Helix Splicer; Toxica Fay Tully, who was in love with the professor; Alain Sharky Cousteau, a marine biologist and Anastasia Nastie Van Abs who is a suspecter poacher.

The staff at the Museum did a FANTASTIC job at putting the Exhibition together.

You enter the exhibition at the crime scene and then visit each suspect room. Each room has clues which need to be found to finally figure out who killed the Professor and how.

Our family went to the Scene of the Crime yesterday and after two hours of searching through a myriad of clues, we finally discovered how the Professor was killed and by whom! SHOCKING to say the least!

It was an education and very enjoyable visit indeed.

I do encourage you to go and visit the exhibition if it is possible to do so.

Have fun.

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