Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prayer Request

Dear friends,
How quickly things change. I was just saying on Monday night that we are enjoying an incident free time with no immigration issues, so.....
We just got a letter from immigration via the lawyer stating that their medical advisor wants mum to have further, specialised investigations done. This is frustrating in one sense as it will potentially cost a lot of money and depending on their opinion can negatively affect mum's residence application. I am still trusting God (holding on for dear life) for a positive outcome because my God is bigger than all this. Mum is taking this hard as it is yet another issue in a long series of ongoing hold-ups. 
Please pray for 1) faith and peace as we walk this land between, 2) wisdom that mum will see the right people, 3) it will be free if at all possible, 4) and that the outcome of any and all tests will be favourable for mum's residence application.

On a positive note; this does indicate to us that immigration is in fact processing mum's application while we still wait for the birth certificate to arrive.

Thanks heaps!